Margret Hoppe, from the series: Altenbourgs Spaziergang, c-print, 30 x 40 cm, VG Bildkunst Bonn

Gärten vor der Linse – Die Gartenstadt Altenburg

For the exhibition "Gärten vor der Linse – Die Gartenstadt Altenburg", contemporary artists were invited to photograph the gardens of the nobility and bourgeoisie in Altenburg with a view from today. The exhibition is part of the project "Green squared" of the Lindenau Museum Altenburg with the Residenzschloss Altenburg, the Natural History Museum Mauritianum and the Museum Burg Posterstein.

Artists: Claus Bach, Margret Hoppe, Bertram Kober, Jörg Neumerkel, Carsten Schenker, Jens Paul Taubert

Exhibition venue: Residenzschloss Altenburg

From 21 May to 3 October 2021

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